Woolies rewards us

Woolies (WHL) provided us with good news this week. Annual DPS increased 27%. This number that trounces inflation. For those interested, here is a link to the SENS announcement.

Bid Corporation (unbundled from Bidvest) declared its first dividend (R2.41 per share). The SENS for BID can be found here.

I am making progress on expanding the list of companies in the Forget the Noise universe. I am just collecting the last few dividends. The list will be expanded to include the following companies:

BGA – Barclays Group Africa
CPI – Capitec
DSY – Discovery
FBR – Famous Brands
HCI – Hosken CI
IPL – Imperial
JSE – JSE Limited
MDC – Mediclinic
NED – Nedbank
NPN – Naspers
PFG – Pioneer Food Group
PIK – Pick ‘n Pay
PWK – Pickwik
REM – Remgro
RMH – RMB Holdings
RMI – RMI Holdings
SHF – Steinhoff
SHP – Shoprite
SNT – Santam
TFG – Foschini
TKG – Telkom

These companies are not necessarily ones which I would invest in but I want to include historic dividend yield and growth information on as many shares as possible. The list will grow over time.
The existing list is shown below.
Written by: Geoff Noble
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