Forget what?

My name is Geoff Noble. I am a former fund manager. Forget the Noise is what I think about investing. It started as a book for my friends.

It seems rather odd that someone would write a book for his friends. So why did I spend time writing it? As the years have gone by, most of my friends’ earnings have increased, and with that, their disposable income too. I always get asked (along with being asked for the occasional hot stock tip, which I refrain from giving) what I think they should do with their excess savings. The book was my answer to that question. Later, I started blogging and was born.

Instead of asking “How much is enough?”, I follow a different approach. How do you know what amount is really enough to sustain your lifestyle? What if you live longer than expected? Where should you invest your money? What will happen in markets over the rest of your life? These are difficult questions to answer. What you really need to do is learn how to generate a sustainable income stream that grows ahead of inflation. Forget the Noise is about building this income stream. It is about sticking to a common sense plan and “forgetting the noise” that consumes financial market participants. Forget the Noise introduces concepts such as Sources of Return, Income Replacement Ratios and Investment Scorecards. You will use these concepts to learn how to replace your salary with income from your investments.

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