Why Forget the Noise?

Last week, I wrote about schools and expensive math classes. The previous week, I wrote about using uber as opposed to owning a car. I wrote these not to create a stir but so we learn to question conventional wisdom. This is what Forget the Noise is about. It is more than an investing book. Yes, it is an investing book that tells the story that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create an investment portfolio. It encourages you to build your own investment “business” instead of paying exorbitant fees to the financial services industry.  Similarly, I want to ask the same questions when buying a house, educating your children or driving a car and so on. I hope you want to ask the same questions.

Trust me, everyone reminds me that buying a house is more than just making a financial decision. I get that. I just think you shouldn’t put the rest of your life at risk by buying your “dream” house before the time is right. I am sure I will write a blog post in the not too distant future where I can expand more on this topic.

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