Can you hear anything in this racket?

Talk about being lucky. I just got back to South Africa before JZ opened his mouth. I could have been a lot poorer if he spoke up sooner. 🙂

Jokes aside. It is noisy out there, isn’t it? Brexit letters, potential firing finance ministers, failed Obamacare removal… to name a few. A nice dose of unpleasant short-term noise to test our resolve. Of course, JZ firing Pravin Gordhan would be negative. Tell me something I don’t know. Should you be running out and selling or all your shares? Of course not. That would almost be as stupid as firing the finance minister. Treat this as a test… and even an opportunity to do some Rand-cost-averaging if the JSE plummets.

What I have been reading

Ben Carlson – Playing Devil’s Advocate on Passive Investing 

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (just finished this week)

Dividend News

  • Capitec will pay R8 per share (SENS)
  • Remgrou will pay R1.94 per share (SENS)

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