Irish Update

Hello from Ireland. I don’t have much to report on this week other than lots of dividends – 8 companies to be precise. You can see more in the Dividend News section of the update.

I read an interesting piece on “Active Decisions” in investing. These are quite distinct from “Active Management” (which you know I am not a fan of). The link to the article is in my update below. A summarised version is that while active investment management should be shunned, there are many “active” decisions to be made. For example, we need to decide on an asset allocation (but please don’t chop and change this!). I agree with a lot of the points but I would caution that these active decisions should come at an appropriate cost. If these decisions cost too much then they are as bad as active management fees.

What I have been reading

Active Decisions
What Generations X Y and Z Want from Work Technology
Thirty years of projects
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (current book I am reading)

Dividend News

  • AVI increased DPS 8% to R1.62 per share (SENS)
  • DSY will pay R0.88 per share (slightly up) (SENS)
  • FSR increased DPS 10% to R1.19 per share (SENS)
  • MMI dividend flat at R0.65 (SENS)
  • OML will pay 3.39p per share (SENS)
  • RMH will pay R1.53 per share (SENS)
  • SLM increased DPS 9% to R2.68 (SENS)
  • SOL will pay R4.80 per share (SENS)

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