Becoming Warren Buffett

One of my pet hates is people quoting Warren Buffett. It amazes me that asset management firms are often the main culprits. These are the very fee-machines that Warren Buffett warns the public about.

I am no Warren Buffett expert but I have read a couple of books on his exploits. From what I can tell he is a really complex individual who has been romanticised by many. However, I think he has a heart of gold (I mean, who donates just all their wealth to charity on their death?). I am definitely a fan.

I don’t mimic him. I wouldn’t know how. I just try to find a couple of lessons in the way he does things. Last night, I watched an HBO documentary called “Becoming Warren Buffett“. While it was quite light on detail, I enjoyed it. I recommend watching it. The lesson I got out is to keep things simple. All these complicated investment strategies out there subtract rather than add value to the process.

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