Easter Eggs

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. For many, this is a time to spend with family and forget who the president of the US is, the Guptas, JZ and whether the UK should be a member of the EU or not. Perhaps, we should have more Easter holidays. It would certainly help our investment portfolios.

There hasn’t been any dividend news for a while. We just carry on, as usual, and invest excess cash we have each month. Make sure you keep those fees low and stay away from too many helpers (the technical term is intermediaries and their advisors).

On this note, I had a discussion with a friend this weekend. I realised that many people may battle to get started with building their first investment portfolio. Don’t worry too much about selecting the best stocks at the best time. Remember, you are a capital allocator, not a magician or stock-picker. We buy productive assets that are reflective the broader economy and we consistently grow our allocation to these assets over time. It really isn’t much more complicated than that.

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