Woodstock for Capitalists

Happy Sunday. This weekend saw the annual Woodstock for Capitalists take place. Just under 40,000 people pitched up in Omaha, Nebraska for the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. While I believe that people have romanticised the legend of Warren Buffett, I am slowly making my way through the 7 hours long webcast. The annual meeting is truly a spectacle. It is almost like a massive sporting event. You will have to check it out to see what I mean.

The other thing I have been watching is a Jeff Bezos interview. I have read “The Everything Store” by Brad Stone but it is the first time I have seen Bezos speak. I highly recommend watching the interview.

I bring your attention to these videos for two reasons. 1) They are more interesting than watching Bloomberg/CNBC etc broadcast noise 2) Investing is a business problem so it is best to learn to about business if you are going to invest. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes (just like people). There is no magic blueprint nor best business model. I find it useful to read as much about different businesses and take my own lessons out of each one I read about.

What I have been reading/watching

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