Back after hiatus

Sorry about the silence. It has been a busy time for me. I was fortunate to welcome my son into this world in the last 2 weeks. Fatherhood managed to get in the way of my Sunday Update (although I wasn’t complaining as I was quite happy looking after my boy!).

While I was away, it seems the politicians have been at it again. Our favourites in South Africa have been in the news even more (if we thought that was possible). Abroad, Trump has been lambasted for pulling out of a voluntary climate agreement. How you can have a voluntary agreement astounds me. Only a politician could invent such as thing. Anyway, whether Trump has done good or bad by pulling out, I have no idea. I haven’t read the Paris agreement.

If your job relies on you being popular then you can’t do what is best for society. This fuels my dislike for politicians. Yet, my job is to put this dislike to one side when I think about my investment goals. The only real political risk that would keep up at night is the breakdown of the rule of law and/or property rights. This is one of the reasons why I invest in a couple of countries. While I think it is unlikely that the South African government will start confiscating property, I need a backup plan. You should have one too.

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