Customers and Shareholders Square Up Again

A couple of months ago, I wrote about customers vs shareholders. I continue to think about this daily. My latest experience is with FNB. I am an FNB shareholder and recently became a customer on a couple of business accounts. I soon realised that no one really knows what is going on in the two branches I went to.

I am waiting for my fourth card (and keep getting charged replacement card fees), cannot get my business partner on the one account as a signatory/internet banking user and it was almost impossible to set up a PayPal account in the branch to name a few issues. It just shouldn’t be this hard.

Will a business like FNB (along with the other big 4 banks) continue to survive? Will there be a better alternative dreamed up by some STEM whiz kids? As a shareholder, should I be concerned? Or will the slow wheels of mediocrity continue to turn and churn out dividend after dividend?