One Week

A week is a long time when you try to write something every day. 150 words didn’t seem too daunting a week ago but it is really difficult to think of something to write about each day. Look, there are easy targets. We live in a world of Donald Trump, Jacob Zuma, and the Guptas. Those topics get a bit boring after a while. Then there is Bitcoin. Everyone has an opinion on Bitcoin so I probably can’t contribute anything new.

Maybe this week, we should, regardless of the outcome of the apparently very important election this weekend, try to be positive. So, if you wake up tomorrow and the outcome is undesired, pause and think of what you can do to make a difference. Buy some dog food for the SPCA or a toy for an underprivileged kid (I see there are collection boxes at PnP Hyper by the Sea). Don’t be the problem.