Writer’s Block and Bitcoin

Third night in a row and I am already battling. Writing 150 words a day appears really easy… until you have to do it. What to write about tonight? There is lots going on. Bitcoin frenzies, Steinhoff, ANC conferences – you name it.

I have discovered that something controversial always hits the spot. Last night, I wrote 150 words and attached a Steinhoff picture to the post. It was like a tractor beam – many of you couldn’t resist clicking on it. My daily stats went through the roof.

Maybe if I just say “Bitcoin” the same will happen today. Maybe not.

On a serious note, I wonder how many of you own Bitcoin. I own a little bit. I am interested but learning. You won’t be surprised to learn I certainly haven’t put everything I own into it. However, I think ignoring it is just as foolish. Any other thoughts out there?