Valuable quick lessons

I think what has happened in the cryptoasset market is fantastic. Where else can you learn invaluable investment lessons in a matter of weeks?

We have witnessed hype, euphoria, FOMO, despair and panic at almost the same time.  In fact, I saw a great Homer Simpson clip on Twitter that explained it pretty well (which I can’t find now). What we witnessed often takes years to manifest in the stock market… but it does happen… lest we forget that. As a budding investor, you would have been served well if you had invested in a cryptoasset or two.  You would have experienced emotions that used to take years to experience. Cherish them.

Of course, I am going to tell you to forget the noise. Everyone and their auntie have an opinion on the future of cryptoassets. Dare I say I am a long-term cryptoasset investor. Do I know for sure that any cryptoasset will exist in the future? Of course not. Have I bet the house on them? Of course not. Do I still also have a portfolio of local and global dividend-paying equities? Of course yes. One thing I do know that if cryptoassets are around in the long-term, they will probably be worth a lot more than they are now.

(Side note: It also doesn’t hurt to read a couple of whitepapers and books on the things if you are going to buy them!!!)

Another thing, every government in the world is trying to ban them (an exaggeration but just go with it) and banks are now clamping down too (e.g. Lloyds credit card ban). If there no possibility of all this blockchain “stuff” disrupting markets, then no one would care. But they do care. And that my friend, is a good thing in my humble opinion.

PS: has anyone asked Magda what she thinks?