This blog is due to the book "Forget the Noise".


Forget the Noise was what I have learned over the past ten years in the finance industry. I wrote it for my friends. I got asked the same investing questions over and over again so I opened up Microsoft Word and started writing.

It turns out it is pretty easy to publish a book. Google a company named CreateSpace (owned by Amazon) and you will see what I am talking about.

There used to be a long "About the Book" section describing how you should build an income stream etc etc. The book is a good start to doing that. However, I wrote it in 2016 and views change over time. I still believe the only way to generate any meaningful wealth is through investing in productive assets (shares, property and small business) but I have grown skeptical of big business and politicians. Also, I think investors think they can control far more than is possible. This leads to too much research (cost and time) for little to no benefit. Hopefully soon, I can write Forget the Noise 2.0 and share my story further.


I have a couple of finance qualifications: Chartered Accountant and CFA Charterholder. Yay for me - other than the expensive annual fees :). In my shortish career, I have been involved in corporate finance, financial modelling, valuations, investment analysis and portfolio management. Lately, I play with technology and coffee.

If you want to see me make myself look good then check out my LinkedIn profile https://za.linkedin.com/in/geoffnoble. I promise that I won't call myself an out-of-the-box thinker or visionary (cringe).