Tuesday 22 March 2016

[Table] Dividends over last 12 months

This first post is a post to illustrate what is to come. I have created a table of equities I track. Each equity has dividend growth over the last 12 month period. There are two numbers.

The first number is the total 12 months growth in full-year dividends per share. (i.e. (Final DPS + Interim DPS) / (Last Year Final DPS + Last Year Interim DPS)).

The second number is the last declared DPS over the DPS declared 12 months ago. It could be (Final DPS / Last Year Final DPS) OR (Interim DPS / Last Year Interim DPS)

I also show the announcement date and whether the growth has beaten Long Term South African Inflation (6%). Companies such as BTI should be forgiven for not beating SA inflation as they report in Pounds.

This table will be expanded to show a longer time period and include other information such as forward yields and dividend cover. I also plan to expand to include companies from the USA, UK and Switzerland. Eventually, I plan to have a section on the blog for each company.

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Finally, here is the table.

Table 1
Disclaimer: I have tried my best to ensure that Table 1 is accurate. It is based on factual data and does not contain any recommendations. Errors and Omissions are Excluded (E&OE).