Sunday 10 July 2016

[Sunday Update] Boring Sunday

Sometimes I find doing these updates boring. This is a good thing. I don't hop on the internet every Sunday and find all the news I can on the companies in my universe. That news is noise, of course. I just focus on checking my dividends every week and calculating the yields and growth rates of each company. This is quantitative and factual. I try to make decisions using data. I find making decisions based on news flow and speculation a poor decision-making model.

I do keep half an eye open and will report news that I think is interesting or not noise. I haven't found any of that this week. The financial news continues to be dominated by Brexit (yawn).

Here is your weekly table:

Disclaimer: I have tried my best to ensure that the table above is accurate. It is based on factual data and does not contain any recommendations. Errors and Omissions are Excluded (E&OE).