Sunday 18 September 2016

[Sunday Update] More stocks added

Happy Sunday. I am writing from a cold and rainy Durban. I have added to the stock list and we are up to 41 companies. In the next couple of months, I hope to have 50 SA stocks and an international list of another 20 to 30 US, UK and Swiss stocks.

This week AVI and RMI reported results:

  • AVI increased their final dividend by 10% :) (Sens)
  • There was a little less cheer for the RMI increase of 2% (Sens)
Here is your list for this week:

Written by: Geoff Noble
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Disclaimer: I have tried my best to ensure that the table above is accurate. It is based on factual data and does not contain any recommendations. Errors and Omissions are Excluded (E&OE).