Monday 24 June 2019


I have an unhealthy love for books. Be it books on Kindle (I shelled out for the top of the range Oasis). Or hardcopy. I have this romantic idea of building a library at home. Sometimes, I dream about having a coffee and book store in one. Ah, my ultimate.

I remember thinking that end was nigh for Exclusive Books. Here we are, many years later... they are still standing. How well they are doing I have no idea (I'd love someone to shed some light on that for me). All I know is every time I go to the shopping mall, I look forward to popping into Exclusive Books. I literally walk down every aisle. My current favourite is seeing what is new in the history and science sections (such a nerd).

Your thing may not be books. It may be cycling, trail running or scrap booking. Who knows. If you spend too much time worrying about politicians, you may stop enjoying them.

So this may seem like it has nothing to do with investing and you are right. This is the point. We forget the noise. We realise that is pointless obsessing over what we can't control. Julius who? EFF what? Stick to the plan.

To recap, here is our plan:
  • Invest your money in real assets (property, shares etc - if South Africa goes south, ZAR cash isn't going to worth very much. I feel real assets have a better chance of maintaining purchasing power.)
  • Build an offshore store of wealth or investment portfolio (heck, if you want to leave, it can be the start of you saving towards one of those Visa's you can buy in some European countries)
  • Have access to offshore cash in hard currency (USD, EUR or GBP). If you need to get on a plane then you have some rent and food money.
  • Start meditating (I am serious). Learn to deal with stress/anger that uncertainty in South Africa is causing you.
  • Lastly, on a sunny African day go for a walk on the promenade at your nearest beach and wonder is it all really that bad...