Monday 17 December 2018

Back by popular demand

I am back. A total of 2 fans asked me to write again. It's tough being an A-list celebrity.

I really need to get around to writing Forget the Noise 2.0. A lot of my thinking has matured since 2016 (when I wrote the book). South Africa certainly hasn't let us down since then... frankly, it is one clown show after another. Clowns are generally harmless unless they are from Stephen King's It. [cue childhood nightmare moment].

I really hope our clowns are merely part of a circus act. At some point the circus leaves town and every one gets on with their lives. I pray that post elections 2019 this will happen. I guess time will tell.

Unfortunately, clowns are a worldwide phenomenon. One currently lives in the White House but that is a story for another day.

Until I write again...