Thursday 20 December 2018

Greatest Investment Book I Have Ever Read

Move over The Intelligent Investor and any of John Bogle's books. I think I have found the greatest investment book of all time. Look, I am only a quarter of the way through but it will seriously have to disappoint from here to lose its title.

I like everything about it except the title. The Behavioural Investor sounds a bit bland. The book is anything but that. Daniel Crosby (the author) wrote another one of my favourites. That one is called You're Not That Great. It is the antidote to all those terrible self-help "yes, you can" books. I'd recommend reading it before tackling The Behavioural Investor.

In short, we are not built to be great investors. Far from it. Left to our own natural devices, we are rubbish investors. On top of that, we tell ourselves that we are the exception. We are the special one. We can (and we think will) beat the market. Even with irrefutable contrary evidence, we will continue to believe so. The truth is just an inconvenience.

I'll share more once, I have finished it.