Sunday 20 January 2019

Doing the reps

One of my favourite bloggers is Ben Carlson from Ritholtz Wealth. I really enjoyed his post about doing the hard yards. He sums it up best:

There’s no singular path to success in any endeavor so my advice to anyone looking to further themselves is to put in the reps, even when they seem meaningless.
If you want to become a writer, start writing every single day, even if it’s terrible.
If you want to become a better investor, start reading about the markets, and put some actual money to work.
If you want to work in a specific company, start out as an unpaid intern or figure out how to provide value to someone who already works there.
If you want to become an entrepreneur, quit reading hashtags on Instagram and actually try to start a business or sell a product.
If you want to become something or someone you have to put in the reps.
There are no shortcuts.

It made me think about investing and business. How many people do you know talk about how they need to start investing or tell you about their big idea but do nothing about it. If they do anything it usually involves getting a logo designed and renting office space. They forget about the hard work that needs to be done (i.e. selling a product or service).

So if you still don't have an investment portfolio. Get off your ass, open a trading account (EasyEquities is a good one), start reading and put some money to work. Time to make it happen.

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