Tuesday 25 October 2016

[Book] Empire of the Fund

I have added Empire of the Fund: The Way We Save Now to my reading list. It was recommended from an economist article. I'll reproduce some of that article here:

"AMERICANS who want a comfortable retirement, and who work in the private sector, have to look after their own interests these days. No longer can most rely on their employer to pay a pension linked to their final salary; such defined-benefit promises are too expensive.

Instead, workers are promised something called a defined-contribution (DC) pension which, truth be told, isn’t a pension at all. It is a savings pot to which employers and employees contribute, with some tax advantages. How big that pot will be, and what kind of income it will provide, is unknown.

Most of those savings will probably be invested in mutual funds. Yet as William Birdthistle, an academic lawyer, writes in an entertaining new book, small investors need to become better informed about the way mutual funds work."

Forget the Noise is about helping the small investor and I look forward to reading Willaim Birdthistle's insights to see how they fit in my "Forget the Noise" World.

Link to Economist article.

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