Sunday 30 October 2016

[Sunday Update] Clickity Clicks

Happy Sunday! Trouble continues to brew on the political front. I am not only talking about South African politics. We have the US election around the corner. These captains of society make life interesting. The only lesson I am learning is "You can't trust a politician". Luckily, we know better. We know that dividends are things that truly matter. On the dividend topic, Clicks (CLS) was kind enough to give us a 16% increase in DPS. You can read the SENS announcement here.

I have also added five companies to the share list. They are:
  • KAP
  • SNV (Steinhoff)
  • TKG (Telkom)
  • LEW (Lewis)
  • PFG (Pioneer Food Group)
The list now contains 46 companies. I need to add a few more but the ones left are "funnies". I need to make some adjustments for currencies. For example, Mediclinic now reports in GBP instead of ZAR.

If you want to go to a page where you can copy and paste the share data then go here.

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